Our Mission

"We are an environment where expertise, information, technology and space can connect. We are a community gathering space which advances discovery through learning."

Public Wifi

The library offers free 24/7 wifi that can be accessed inside and outside the library building.


4 computer workstations are available for public use at the library. Every computer is equipped with internet access and a word processing application.

Computers are available for walk-in or can be reserved in advance via email.


As part of our commitment to supporting seniors in accessing new technology, we offer an iPad lending program for anyone with a library card.

*iPads can also be used by all patrons at the library.

Radon Detector

Radon is a naturally occurring, radioactive gas that comes up from the ground and can accumulate to unsafe levels in the home. It is odourless, colourless and tasteless. Radon gas is in the air all around us and levels fluctuate daily. The good news is that a digital radon detector warns you when levels are getting high.

The radon detector can be borrowed using your library card. 

Digitization Station

The Digitization Station is open to all patrons to use at the library. Scans and recordings can be saved and emailed or put on a patron USB drive.

Need something to store your media on? 32GB USB drives are available for $5 each.

Patrons are encouraged to book the Digitization Station in advance by email to ensure they have adequate time to complete their projects. 

  • Convert Cassette Tapes to digital files
  • Convert VHS + VHSC Tapes to digital files
  • Scan Photos
  • Scan Photo Negatives and Slides
  • Convert DVDs to digital files
  • Record 8mm/Super8 Film Reels to digital files
  • Record Media from any device with RCA or S-video connections.

Print, Fax, Scan

Printing & Photo Copying 

  • Black & White (8.5×11) $0.25/page
  • Black & White (11×17) – $0.50/page
  • Colour (8.5×11) – $0.50/page
  • Colour (11×17) – $0.75/page
  • Cardstock (8.5×11) – add $0.25


  • Free


  • Small (up to 8.5×11) – $1.00
  • Large (up to 11×17) – $2.00
  • Extra-Large (up to 24×28) – $5.00

Scan To Email

  • Free

Have a question about one of these services? Please contact us.

Photo Printing

Our professional quality self-service photo printer is available to all patrons. Photos can be printed from email, usb drive, or a mobile device.

The photo printer is available as a walk-in service only.


  • 4×6 – $0.50/print
  • 5×7 – $1.00
  • 8.5/11 – $2.00/print
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